Grand Opening of Herrick Labs at Purdue University

Team Corporation and Purdue University announce the opening of the new Ray W. Herrick Laboratories building in West Lafayette, Indiana.  This state-of-the-art facility is a hub of industry-oriented research in areas ranging from advanced automotive technologies to “smart” buildings.  Team Corporation was one of several key vibration equipment suppliers and installed a CUBE Model 2-DV multi-axis vibration system with a custom designed seismic mass.  This unique subterranean installation inside a superior grade acoustic chamber allows the CUBE to be concealed beneath the floor when not in use.  Future plans include the addition of a 60” X 60” head expander to enable mounting of larger test articles on the CUBE.  Longer term upgrades include the installation of safety mechanisms which will offer the ability to complete human perception testing and its influence on product and environmental development.  Herrick Labs Director Dr. Patricia Davies says, “This installation gives us new experimental capabilities that will enable comprehensive validation of two and three dimensional models of mechanical and electromechanical systems that are being studied at the laboratories.  This is a significant advance over single axis excitation experiments.  The Team shaker will be able to provide realistic multi-axis excitations that the systems being studied experience in the real world.  It will also be used to provide data to develop these two and three dimensional models of complex nonlinear dynamical systems."

Ron Evans, CUBE Technical Manager for Herrick Labs and a critical member of the Purdue implementation team was key to the success of installation and commissioning of the CUBE system. Ron’s involvement was crucial as the key coordinator and liaison between Team, Cardinal Contracting (rigging and machinery placement specialists) and many other trades.  At the project’s completion, Ron commented, "You really cannot appreciate the quality of the Engineering and craftsmanship built into the CUBE until you visit the Team manufacturing facilities and see the individual components that make up a CUBE.  The Team engineering and technical staff bent over backwards to help us with the coordination of the installation, and adaption to our specific needs.  These guys know their business!"

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