20 years at Team Corporation: Q&A Interview with Darren Manning

Each month at Team Corporation we make sure to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate our employee’s birthdays, work anniversaries, and accomplishments. This month we had two employees celebrating 20 years at Team. In a time when the average period a person stays at the same job is 4.4 years, according to The National Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s incredible that there are so many talented people working at Team Corporation who choose to spend the majority of their career here.

Darren Manning, a senior mechanical designer, answered some questions about what it has been like working in the noise and vibration industry at Team Corporation over the last 20 years.


Q. What kinds of jobs did you have before working at Team, and how did you end up finding your position here?

DM: Before working at Team I was the Lead Quality Control Inspector for a firearms manufacturer, the Assembly Line Lead of a Missile Launcher Program at an aerospace company, and a CNC Programmer for a mold manufacture.  I found my job here by researching the local manufacturing companies in Skagit County.

Q. What kinds of things do you enjoy doing outside of work?

DM: I spend my off time hiking, biking, traveling to scenic locations and National Parks, practicing outdoor photography, and spending time with my family.

Q. What does a typical day at work consist of?

DM: Creating proposal concepts, animations and drawings of advance vibration test systems, performing engineering studies, creating full system 3-D models and assemblies, and creating technical production drawings for manufacturing.

Q. What have been some of your favorite things about working for this company, or even in this industry?

DM:  Being part of developing exciting and ground breaking projects, and then being able to see such projects from the initial concept, to production and final installation. Also, being part of a great team of people working together to create a great product.

Q. Over the years, what major changes have taken place in the Vibration Testing Industry that have affected what you do?

DM: One major change was going from designing in 2-D to designing with 3-D modeling and simulation software.  That advancement in engineering software has allowed for more accurate design verification before manufacturing takes place.  The advance in Multi-Axis Vibration Controllers has increased the demand for more unique and complex 6-DOF (Six degree of freedom) Vibration Test Systems.

Q. What do you think is in store for the future of Vibration Testing Systems?

DM: I believe that more industries will start using Vibration Testing to improve products and become more competitive in the marketplace,  and that the demand for Multi-axis Test Systems will increase, creating new and exciting designs in vibration testing.

Q. What kinds of projects do you get the most excited about working on?

DM: Any Multi-Axis Test Systems that use multiple Team products, such as hydraulic actuators, hydrostatic couplings, hydrostatic linear and pad bearings that all work together to create a full test system. Projects for the military and aerospace industries are always interesting, and are usually one-of-kind projects.

Q. What has made you stay with this company for 20 years?

DM: The people that make up Team Corporation have been a major factor. It takes a great group of dedicated employees to make a business successful. The Team product has been another reason I have stayed here. The product and projects we work on here at Team are very unique and exciting, which keeps my job as a designer interesting. The benefits that Team Corporation offers employees are another reason. Along with great health benefits and a vacation package, we receive many smaller benefits that add up, such as fitness rewards and annual employee appreciation dinners. Team Corporation has been a great company to work for.


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