New Article Features Laboratory's Application of Team Corporation's Tensor System™


PHYS.Org published a post in July from Sandia National Laboratories titled, “Sandia's new vibration table promises different ways of testing,” which discusses the lab’s use of a Team Corporation Tensor™ vibration testing system.  Sandia’s use of the Team Corporation Tensor™ system is an excellent demonstration of what can be achieved using 6 Degree of Freedom testing, and the article highlights the work of notable pioneers of vibration testing, such as David Smallwood and Norman Hunter.

"We're mimicking rides on airplanes, [on] rockets or in the back of a truck to ensure components or systems that we're testing are going to survive their environment before we fly them," said Kevin Cross, who's in charge of Sandia's vibration lab. "It's one of our tools to prove reliability standards that we have to meet for our components."

Team Corporation introduced 6 Degree of Freedom (DOF) vibration testing, which simulates movement and vibration experienced in the real world more accurately than single-axis testing systems. For more than ten years the company has been designing and improving upon the first systems with this capability, and have led the industry with innovative engineering, manufacturing and the development one-of-a-kind 6 Degree of Freedom Systems.


18kN Tensor Vibration Testing System


Sandia National Laboratories utilizes the Tensor™ system, which is currently available in the Tensor 900™ and the Tensor 18kN™ models.  For more information about these systems, visit the “Contact Us” page at

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