Team Corporation Multi-Axis Vibration System Gives Orion Spacecraft a “Wickedly Violent Ride”

NASA’s next generation spacecraft, Orion, was built with the intention of carrying humans deeper into space than ever before. According to, “It will be the safest, most advanced spacecraft ever built, and it will be flexible and capable enough to take us to a variety of destinations.” Such a unique spacecraft also requires unique testing equipment with the ability to simulate the various violent environments Orion will undoubtedly encounter. As detailed in a new article by Michael Cole on Space Flight Insider’s website, NASA Glenn Research Center in Sandusky, Ohio has a world class testing facility that will ensure Orion is entirely safe and ready for launch.

Team Corporation built the large capacity vibration system used there, which is commonly called the Mechanical Vibration Facility (MVF). 16 vertical and 4 horizontal actuators give the MVF the capability to test using 6 degrees of freedom. Cole’s article provides an in depth look at how this equipment is used along with the rest of the facilities equipment to provide the highest quality of testing possible:

“Once attached to the MVF, the entire spacecraft assembly will be at the mercy of the MVF’s powerful hydraulic cylinder actuators, subjecting the spacecraft to controlled vertical and horizontal sine vibration.”

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